Mountain First Aid

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Start date: 06-01-2025
End date: 08-01-2025

Location: Betws-y-Coed

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Plas Y Brenin

Plas Y Brenin

Phone 01690 720214
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This course runs for 24 hours over three days with an experienced mountaineering instructor with the support of REC. This a practical course with both indoor and outdoor scenario based learning. It meets the First Aid requirements for HSE First Aid at Work and those of Mountain Training. This particular course will involve some more in depth scenarios in local mountain environments. The course ratio is up to 1:12.

To become a confident First Aider in the stated Environment. And meet the requirements of HSE EFAW

* Please note: Itinerary is subject to weather and availability.

We Will Cover
Defining the role of the First Aider, the principles of First Aid and First Aid procedures such as DrABCDE. The course then works through the DrABCDE system with a series of inputs and scenarios. We cover signs of life, calling for help, airway issues, CPR and AED’s, bleeding and shock, casualty handling, deformities, common illnesses, Hypothermia, Hyperthermia, burns, poisoning bites and stings and other minor ailments. First Aid kit requirements and the reporting of first aid incidents including RIDDOR. This course covers the requirement for HSE First Aid at Work and goes in to greater depth with longer activity related outdoor scenarios


A three day course. A two outdoor first aid course with a bolt on extra day specifically for mountains. The course is designed to introduce a systematic way of first aid for managing casualties. Topic learning and practicals intermixed with scenarios of real situations. The course includes:

  • The fundamental workings of the body, in particular the heart, lungs and airway
  • Assessing a casualty
  • Introduces a system to cope with all incidents as safely as possible
  • Deciding how to deal with an accident or incident
  • Awareness of delayed medical help and adverse environmental conditions

The Content

First aid training with the REC scheme is easy and fun. The course is progressive by building on each session, introducing new scenarios to test all techniques for:

  • Emergency: vital signs • emergency action • airway • unconscious • choking • bleeding • breathing and circulation • cpr
  • Environment: heat stress • cold stress • hot injuries • cold injuries
  • Illness: chest pain • stroke • asthma • epilepsy • diabetes
  • Injury: head • spine • chest • abdomen • pelvis • bones • soft tissue • eye
  • Rescue: transportation • communication
  • Mountain specific techniques for providing first aid

The Candidates

  • All candidates entering the REC scheme start with the outdoor first aid module and then add specialised areas on to this.

The Qualification

  • The Mountain first aid course is certified for three years and is an entry point for the REC scheme.

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