High Altitude First Aid

A 4 hour course. The High Altitude First Aid course is designed to complement the REC L2 Emergency Outdoor First Aid course for those travelling to higher altitudes. Topic learning and practical demonstration with the Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC) are included in this course.

First aid training with the REC scheme is easy and fun. The course is progressive by building on each session and includes:

  • What is High Altitude Sickness
  • Forms of High Altitude Sickness
  • High Altitude: Acute Mountain  Sickness (AMS) 
  • High Altitude: Pulmonary Edema (HAPE)
  • High Altitude: Cerebral Edema (HACE)
  • Diamox & Dexamethasone Use and Dosage
  • Altitude Oxygen
  • Hyperbaric Chamber (PAC or Gamow Bag)

The Candidates will gain knowledge and experience of the first steps in first aid which might be required at higher altitudes.

The Qualification

  • The High Altitude first aid course is certified for three years. 

Course Dates

There are no courses running at the moment.