Refresher HSE First Aid at work (12 hr)

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Start date: 17-06-2024
End date: 18-06-2024

Location: Cardiff

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Jon Caterer

Jon Caterer


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A two day (minimum 12 hours) modular course. The course is for statutory and workplace needs. The FAW course is designed to introduce a systematic method of first aid for managing casualties. The course is a balance of learning and practical intermixed with scenarios of real situations. 

The course will refresh and re-test the knowledge and skills gained in the initial 3 day course and will include the following:

  • The fundamental workings of the body, in particular, the heart, lungs and airway
  • Recognising the difference between – healthy; ill; injured
  • Recording the baseline measurements of the vital body functions
  • Introduces a system to cope with all incidents as safely as possible
  • Covers the HSE syllabus for first aiders at work according to the ’81 and ’97 regulations and the UK and European Resuscitation guidelines
  • New and amended protocols will be introduced

The Assessment

  • HSE First Aid at Work course is externally assessed by qualified Assessors by observation of practical skills and oral questions.

The Candidate

  • Only candidates with an in-date FAW certificate can take this course
  • If refresher course is carried out within the three month period prior to the expiry date of the original certificate, the new certificate will be dated from the date of expiry of previous certificate
  • Will be able to take control of an incident until a nurse, doctor or ambulance arrives
  • Is able to cope with common occurrences – illness; injury; collapse; rescue 
  • Is able to fulfill health and safety requirements for the HSE First Aid at Work
  • All candidates must feel confident and have competence to deliver as a First Aider at work.

The Qualification

  • First Aid at Work meets the HSE reqirements and is valid for 3 years
  • Ability to maintain statutory first aid requirements for a place of work according to HSE ’81 and ’97 regulations
  • Can be updated by a 2 day refresher course before expiry of current FAW 3 year certificate

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